• The Tokyo Firm

    トウキョウファーム 株式会社

  • Our History


    We are a trading firm, based at Tokyo.


    Trading firm's task is to become the line, connecting two points.
    There are points leading to birth of business and points which requiring it.
    Connecting these points is our mission.

    In a matured society, you see abundance of these lines.
    Still there more points required to be connected.


    The best part of it, is to become the worldwide lines for such points.
    We highly appreciate and enjoy working in such an interesting business.


    The history of Tokyo Firm Ltd. begins.

  • Our Business

    Linking the world with the fair trade policy


    We are developing our business and supplying mineral resources to the customers with the policy of being thoroughly engaged in a fair trade, upstream procurement and distribution of only lawful minerals.

    Our subsidiary is opened in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even though this country is one of the world's biggest resource-rich countries, economically it is still in the process of development. We were brought here by a fate and we would like actively contribute to a peaceful growth of this nation through our business.


    Located in Irkutsk city of Russia, Irgiredmet is a Research Institute, which works with minerals and mining industries. It is a matter of pride, that Irgiredmet has already more than 140 year history, professional knowledge and highly effective technologies, which are of the world's leading level.

    Irgiredmet is working on the analysis of minerals getting from various places, mines investigation and feasibility studies, cover the most economically efficient ways of mining development and even advising on the best production methods. Irgiredmet has developed its own mineral sorting system, which makes ore sorting quickly and accurately. With this system, it is possible to prevent waste from being sent to the refining process, what highly improves management of the mines.

    As an agent of Irgiredmet, we are working on the spreading of effective technologies, which were developed through years of research.

  • Greetings

    The Company President

    Kentaro TAKANO

    I have traded natural resources and other products for little less than 20 years, prior to the establishment of this company. As well-known trading houses at their initial stage, my goal is to establish a trading firm with full of frontier spirits.

  • Company Profile

    Company Name

    Tokyo Firm Ltd.

    Head Office

    Higashi 4-12-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0011 Japan

    Company President

    Kentaro TAKANO

    Capital Stock

    JPY 100,000,000-


    October 2016

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